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YZ250 Custom Graphics

Always wanted a purple dirt bike, but no-one makes aftermarket purple plastic. So I had some custom graphics done up. Here's what my dirt ride looks like now:

This is also the first winter that I actually managed to wrench on the bikes, despite having always having had the best of intentions to do so for the past decade. Well...better late than never!
Here's what I did this winter to my 2006 YZ250:

New plastic
Custom graphics....PURPLE!
ProMoto billet kickstand
Scorpion Rad Guards
Scorpion Skid Plate
3.2 Gal IMS tank
WR Petcock (with reserve)
Renthal Twin-Ring 51-tooth rear sprocket
Tugger rear strap
TM Designworks Chain Slider, Case Saver, Brake/Disk Protectors
New Bridgestone M403/M404 skins (when the Dunlop MX51's are a bit more worn)

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