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YZ250 Graphics - 2014 Makeover

After 3 years of hard riding, my plastics and graphics were showing a lot of wear, with worn through graphics, peeling edges and bent/broken plastics (one of the shrouds was held together with graphics and duct tape for over a year!), so this winter the Purple Beast got a full makeover. Here's what it looks like now with new style, white UFO plastics (more angular than the stock look), fresh graphics (still the same design, just a tad lighter on the purple), new purple/black traction seat cover, new raptor footpegs and a removable Doubletake mirror for long group rides.

The custom graphics were done (again), by AMR Racing. They do amazing work and make the thickest and hardest wearing graphics on the planet. If you need graphics, I can recommend them highly. Tell Laura I sent you....

Here is what the Purple Beast looks like just prior to the start of the 2014 riding season:

Ta Da! Yup....she's purple!

Front view.

Front fender and number plate closeup. Love the angles on the fender!

The purple/black on white plastics is really sharp!

Rear view.

Rear fender closeup.

Rear number plates....nice cutout angles on the new style plastics!

The custom sticker (thanks Brad!) reads: Good Day: 666, Bad Day: 999.

Front end and shrouds. Great angles on the shroud cutouts.

Other side view.

New, oversize Raptor Xtreme Ti pegs. I have Raptors on my GasGas Trials bike and love 'em.

New, oversize Raptor Xtreme Ti pegs.

Custom seat cover and side number plate closeup.

Shroud closeup.

Front plate with matching embroidered Tugger strap.

The Purple Beast mascot (thanks Stormy!), ready to ride for 2014!

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